Knoxville artist

Hello all! I have been so busy getting my shop ready and getting ready for show's and getting into new stops! I wanted to get back to the beginning a bit, when I decided I [...]

my journey as an artist is Knoxville

Hello all!!! busy busy!!!! wanted to get back to my journey right away with you all, So we opened the Gallery Nuance ( I am in the white dress ) things were amazing!! we had [...]

Knoxville artist journey continues

Hello all!!! Sorry I have been away so long! I have been working on commissions and building inventory and enjoying summer days at the lake on the weekend! last I wrote I was telling you [...]

East Tennessee artist, In Knoxville

Hi ALL!!! really really busy as I have opened a shop, and was contacted by The Dandridge general store to display and sell in their store, so lots of my inventory was taken there from [...]

Knoxville artist journey

Hi all!!! hope life is treating you all great! I have a busy week in my shop, and working on commissions! Getting back to my journey to where I am now, I am back in [...]

heading to my passion

sorry friends I have not been able to continue for so long, sadly my husbands brother passed away suddenly last week, from where i left off, as you can figure I had to leave that [...]