Hello all!!

So sorry for the LONG delay posting here in my blog but this girl has been busy building a business!! I joined etsy  shortly after my last post and boy am I here to tell you, you really have to work hard! I took months adding photo’s, learning how to take good photo’s and edit them,  SEO’s, descriptions, marketing, sharing, joining teams, groups, social media outlets such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more, I spent like 9-11 hrs. a day. growing and learning, all the while doing murals, designing for Galleries and shows… Whew!!!  NOW TIME> I do not do show’s anymore, not in Galleries anymore, none really make it in my town, sadly. I am still in Ijams Nature center, Earth to the Old city and Fountain city arts. I have learned so much and my etsy shop now has over 100 listings, I am a global seller and I hit my 900th sale last month, so needless to say you might see why it has been a minute since my last blog. BUT here I am!! I am back to share my happiness and success!! PROOF put your mind to and it will happen!! you can chek out my etsy shop at this link . I hope this is just the beginning! I hope to continue to grow my etsy shop. Stop in and see what I have been up to!