Hello all! I have been so busy getting my shop ready and getting ready for show’s and getting into new stops! I wanted to get back to the beginning a bit, when I decided I was going to do this full time, I did not realize it would take this long to put a dent into this whole art scene, it has taken a great deal of time networking, designing, doing show’s, and contacting people. It takes persistence for sure! In the beginning I was blessed with getting into a Gallery in the heart of my city, also I learned that people like diverse talent in an artist. So I began working with other mediums besides acrylic’s,  One thing that has to show through when working with several different mediums is you as an artist has to shine through. I use to just work with acrylic’s on canvas, now I work with alcohol inks, acrylic’s and dimensional paints on canvas, glass, metal, plastic and wood. I love working with all these different designs so much, I am sharing a photo of my shop at The Southern Market, I recently opened a shop in. till next time!!

Dawn Hawkins