gallery-nuance-2 Hello all!!! busy busy!!!! wanted to get back to my journey right away with you all, So we opened the Gallery Nuance ( I am in the white dress ) things were amazing!! we had book signings, weddings, shows, shoppers, 2 yrs of First Fridays, dinners, outside shows, we had an amazing Gallery owner, great artists, all like family!  best 2 years ever!! but sadly all good things must come to an end, The Gallery owners mother fell ill and she felt she needed to close. We were all heartbroken but life goes on, since then I have continued to do commissions, show’s, etc. sales are great, I decided this past year in January to open an online Etsy shop, I am in several shops and have been in several shops that have closed so I decided I would buy a small building and put it on my property!! next time I will share photo’s of my shop, and details of where all my work is available in Knoxville, and surrounding area’s, I am also in a Gallery in Tampa Florida. Till next time!!!  Dawn Hawkins