gallery nuanceHello all!!! Sorry I have been away so long! I have been working on commissions and building inventory and enjoying summer days at the lake on the weekend! last I wrote I was telling you about being approached by a Gallery on Gay Street, which is the place to be, the historic downtown here in Knoxville. We set up a meeting at the Gallery, it was beautiful!! hard wood floors, a loft, back porch that was kinda private with trees. very cozy! I was very excited! The owner and the art director asked me to join! So of course I said YES!!  the next week I was given a huge spot on a brick wall, I had inventory due to just painting and painting canvas paintings in hopes to sell at shows etc. Here in Knoxville there is an event every first Friday of the month, called first Friday, it draws hundreds of people downtown to view art all over, from galleries to restaurants to bars,  we were packed every time! I was selling art!! this was so exciting and so happy to be a part of the art scene in Knoxville. I met a lot of wonderful talent in the Gallery. we had a great year. I even became the art director of the Gallery!  and like all good  things some come to an end, the Gallery owner and her boyfriend had a falling out, he was the owner, we were allowed to stay until it rented to someone else. I was approached yet again, by a lady that wanted to rent the space and open it back up as another Gallery, she wanted me to join that Gallery, I excepted, and another door opened, I was asked to bring aboard other artists which I did. we opened the new Gallery a few doors down and it was amazing!! we were huge!! and we were open daily for sales!! this was amazing!! ok I have to get back to painting and networking! Till next time!  Dawn Hawkins