Hi ALL!!! really really busy as I have opened a shop, and was contacted by The Dandridge general store to display and sell in their store, so lots of my inventory was taken there from my shop, so busy busy building inventory, SOLD 4 items this morning in my shop, funny part!! my shop is not officially even opened yet!! I have had 25 shoppers!!  back to the beginning of all this, I had lost my job and was really wanting to try creating instead of going back into the medial field, thanks the lord my now husband agreed for me to do this, and we were only dating at the time!! what a man!! so the journey began, I started painting on canvas’s, things I thought people might like. building inventory, building my facebook and social media pages, I started taking some art classes and getting into the art scene. I found you could display in several local restaurants as this town is a big supporter of the arts and culture. Another thing I did was join the arts and culture alliance and Gay street, you get the newsletters that way. I got really involved in international art groups on facebook. I entered several upcoming juried events, with no success. just trying to get my name out there anyway I could.  I was approached one afternoon on social media to join a gallery in the downtown Knoxville , Gay street, I was thrilled!!!   they had seen my work in a restaurant!!. we set up a meeting! so next time I will continue what happened with that and much more! have a great day from an artist in Knoxville!!  Dawn Hawkins