Hi all!!! hope life is treating you all great! I have a busy week in my shop, and working on commissions! Getting back to my journey to where I am now, I am back in 2008 working and dating my now husband, it was super weird to date again at 48-49ish. You get so use to one person, ugh, but at the same time it is life changing in a way that it makes you get to know YOU again and do for YOU again. at this time I am working for a medical office a nurse to a specific Dr. life is going great till we noticed this huge large hard knot in my lower  stomach area, went to the Dr. it was a grapefruit size fibroid cyst. ugh, he recommended I have it removed, so I opted for a total hysterectomy, I am a get er done type person,  my Dr. also needed to have surgery for something so we scheduled to have our surgeries at the same time.  We would both be out of the office at the same time. all went well and I was back to work in 2 weeks. my Dr was out for a bit longer so I filled in where I was needed, all was going well till this lady came in for lab work and our Phlebotomist was out for the day. I bring her back to the lab proceed to look for a vein, ugh, none, ugh, I explained to her I can get your blood if you allow me to use a butterfly needle and wear no glove so I can better feel your vein, she agreed that was ok, I drew her blood and sent her on her way. The following week sh contacted my supervisor complaining I drew her blood with no glove, my supervisor said ok thank you for contacting me. well that was not good enough for the patient, which I later found out was an RN at the hospital, well she was not happy that my supervisor was not doing much about this situation, and went over her head, she contacted our Office manager and demanded I be fired or she was going to contact OSHA. so 2 days later I was let go by my crying office manager. I was devastated here I am going through a divorce, have an 18 yr old at home and now unemployed. ugh….. I proceeded to apply for my unemployment which I was turned down for, I appealed as well as contacted the head guy of the medical group and told him the whole story, he was very upset and said he wished he would have known about this, he would have fought for my job. we had a three way appeal over the phone and I was able to get my unemployment a month later, whew!!! it was then I thought I think I would like to pursue my passion, I told my plan to my now husband, I said ya know what I think I am going to get it a month pursuing art, he laughed and said you better give it a whole lot longer then that, how right he was. off to the creation station for now. next time… the journey gets really fun! over an out from for now from an artist in Knoxville.