sorry friends I have not been able to continue for so long, sadly my husbands brother passed away suddenly last week,

from where i left off, as you can figure I had to leave that job and yes the affair was confirmed, so at 48 I am on my own, with an 18 yr old at home that now thinks he can do what ever he wants since his Dad is not there to do anything about it, ugh, what a nightmare, so off to a new job, things calmed down with my son, I decided at the advise of a friend to join a dating site, that was a hoot for a bit, then there he was, this blonde haired blue eyed man with beads around his neck and the picture taken up his nose, lol, so I think he winked and I winked back, we met in a public location and hit it off right away!! we began dating, my son was behaving, he a band going in the garage, work place going great!!!! time went on got my divorce and my now husband bought my house so I would not loose it. that home wrecker was not going to get my home. I will end on a good note this evening, will blog again tomorrow, I hope some will be inspired by my journey that has lead me to where I am today, I wanted to start at the beginning. have a great evening all!!!