Sorry for the long delay, I am busy opening a shop and an etsy shop, as well as working on commissions and building inventory for my shops.

back to how I went from there to here, as I said the office I was working in was breaking up and things were getting weird, I was approached by another Pulmonary office in Knoxville, their office manager and I use to work together, they offered me a job and an offer I could not refuse get again. So off I went to the competition from my old office, the head Dr. was not very pleased but ya gotta do for what is best for you. Things were great!!! met a great friend, that was sorta my asst. we worked very well together lots of great things to come, so I thought, as 8 months approached this practice was breaking up. two Dr. were left, the head Dr. approaches me and asked if I had a problem with his wife coming in and being the office manager for a bit to save some money, sounds ok to me as I had met her several times and she seemed very nice, well that lasted about 3 months and she became the devil in disguise, my friend and co worker started acting very strange, was no longer working beside me, also I left out I had befriended her outside of the office, this was a big mistake, I became concerned I could hear her on the phone with my husband, thus began a terrible spiral trying to prove this. we had caller ID on our phone’s at the office, and his number was on her phone. of course they denied anything, my husband started going to work early and she started coming in late. My Doctors  wife was getting meaner and meaner, the days were getting longer and unpleasant.