Hello!! back to getting here from there, just wanting to give you all my back story that has lead me to being able to finally do what I truly love.

After moving home with my Mother, in  91,  my son was 3, I took a job in a medical office, on the job training, great Doc. loved it, me and one other gal is all he had, we were a great team, I met a wonderful man that I ended up moving in with after about 7 months, we later married and were together 18 yrs. he also adopted my son, back to that great job I had, as most all medical offices were becoming incorporated by the hospitals, our fun great office was forced to be taken over by a corporate office, ugh, my Doc and us were now all employees of this corp. office, he left and moved to Nashville to work for the VA, me and the other gal tried to like it, very cut throat, the office let go our  office manager, she went to an office in Oak Ridge Tennessee, she contacted me a few weeks later with a job offer I could not refuse, YES! I took it! so the 30 min commute from Knoxville to Oak ridge began. I loved it! as time went on the office sent me to x-ray school, I became a registered x-ray tech. 7 yrs go by, this office had it’s good and bad like most offices, ya know there is ALWAYS  that ONE person, and boy did we ever have ours, she kept more things stirred up than carters got liver pills, lol,, my Grandmother always said that, anyway I learned a lot in that Pulmonary office, the good the bad and the ugly, lol, I also began to build a house and got married to the man that adopted my son, we were given a piece of land from his mother to build our dream home.  We were very happy, my son had to go to a new school, but met friends pretty fast. Work became very strange, an affair began between one of the Doctors and a nurse, another was sent off to rehab. the office of 6 Doctors was breaking up. whispers around every corner.  Ugh change!!

have to run for now the paint is dry!