Hello all!!! sorry so long since my last post I have been at the beautiful ocean!! I love St. Pete beach and hope to be a snowbird there one day, so we try and go as often as possible. back to landing in Knoxville at 15 I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life besides going to college for art, that was my goal interior decorator. during high school my major was art, other then that I could have cared less to be there other then socializing. After graduation I wanted to press on for college in Atlanta for art school. that didn’t happen, sadly, one day around noon, I was woke up by a phone call. ( it’s cool to sleep late as a teen ). it was my dentist, offering me a job!! I say as what?? lolĀ  a dental asst. well that began a 10 career. he fired me 2 times and I quit 3,, lol. went on to work for a few more dentists, ugh they were sooooo mean. during that time I met a man that later would become the father of my only son. we married in 89. that lasted about 3 yrs unfortunately he would not work and was very abusive, and on top of that a cheater. so time to fly! off I went with my son running back home for a short time to regroup.