Hi! I am an artist living in  Knoxville Tennessee, just one of many artists here in my town, there are a lot of diverse talent here. Being unique is what you have to be to stand out from the next person, but like I always say art is in the eye of the beholder, so everyone has a chance to stand out. I grew up an Army brat landing in Knoxville at 15, that was 41 years ago! yikes! lol, my Dad had a choice of Knoxville or Hawaii and he chose here, which I am very glad of for several reasons. I think an Island would get small fast is one of them.  I grew up taking art classes in schools I went to, which was a different one every year until we moved to Knoxville in 1975. I saw a lot in our travels, over lots and lots of miles we covered, said goodbye to a lot of friends, all I contribute to what has made me the person I am today. I am very much a people person with a passion for the arts and culture, music, crowds, and the lakes and oceans are a place that touch me deeply. getting back to landing in this awesome Vol country, which for those who are not from Tennessee that is our Football team (The Tennessee Volunteers) since I live where the university is it is not hard to find a Vol fan AKA the Tennessee Volunteers.